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Imagine if you could:
Look in the mirror and love your body
Feel confident in your clothes or even better... naked
Maintain the results you always work so hard to achieve
Have a positive relationship with food
Stop sacrificing your social life to reach your goals?
Stop feeling like a failure when you fall off track
Stop yo yo-ing your body, your focus, and your efforts
Stop sabotaging your efforts & finally get somewhere with your goals
Stop wasting time researching fat loss strategies
Stop losing motivation and stay accountable to your goals
Are you ready for a proven system wth:
The most scientifically sound nutrition protocol for fat loss
Dozens of goal friendly, delicious recipes
 Predone for you metabolic torching workouts
8 week predesigned advanced cardio protocols
Plateau busting guidelines
Weekly coaching presentations PLUS Facebook LIVES to be right there with you every step of the way
Check ins for accounatbility
Habit changes for longterm success 
 Guidance from two experts in the fitness industry with 25 years combined knowledge and experience

Transformational Success Manual
($120 when sold separately) 

Your complete Sexy As F*ck manual focusing on the 3 key factors that play a role in your transformation: Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle

3 Tier nutrition protocol, Nutritional troubleshooting, Complete food list and substitutions list, and Supplementation guideline.

2 Phase fat torching, metabolic workouts

*nutrition & training programs are differentiated for men & women

Recipe Book 
($39 when sold separately) 

30+ recipes to support your nutritional needs and burn fat. Fun, tasty and quick meals that are great for the whole family. Transformations are challenging but your taste buds don't need to suffer along the process. Enjoying our meals is key to lifelong success, so you'll want to use these recipes long after your transformation.

Advanced Cardio Regimen
($49 when sold separately)

An optimal fat loss program contains metabolic conditioning circuits, steady state cardio and hybrid HIIT conditioning workouts. Learn the difference and how to implement these styles to your individual needs.

Plateau Buster Checklist
($19 when sold separately)

At some point during this transformation, as your body adapts to your new style of eating and living, you will hit a plateau. It happens to everyone.

Sometimes this plateau is just your body changing and adapting to your new lifestyle, sometimes it's your body telling you that you need to make adjustments.

This plateau buster will guide you in the right direction on how to handle your situation.

($29 when sold separately)

Habit Assessment Checklist 
Habit Tracking Worksheet  
8 Weeks of Meal Trackers


Weekly Nutrition Presentations From Joe & Sara
($199 when sold separately) 

Week 1 - Kick off and goal setting
Week 2 - 5 Habits for success
Week 3 - Body types & fat loss
Week 4 - Diets & social settings
Week 5 - The 80% rule
Week 6 - Eat your veggies
Week 7 - What to drink
Week 8 - Creating longterm success

3 mp3 Meditation Tracks
($99 when sold separately) 

3 guided meditation tracks (mp3) to add into your transformation journey. 

Learning to calm your mind, deal with stress and get lazer focused on your goals is KEY for any program success. Mindset work should be a foundational tool for all physical transformations. 

Home & Travel Workouts
($49 when sold separately) 

Life keeps rolling on as we take on challenges and implement new habits into our lives. This home and travel workout guide will help you get in your workouts even if they need to be on the go.

Being successful with a goal is about learning to be adaptable in all situations. We don't believe in excuses, we believe in substitutions. 

Ultimate Bonus
Private Facebook Group
8 Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls

Check in & accountability
A grand prize of $1000 CASH 
for the best overall transformation
(judged from a physical, mindset and personal growth aspect)

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How Is This Program Different?
You'll be coached on the 4 corner stones for lasting fitness results
1. Action
This is what every fat loss and body transformation program focuses on. WHAT TO DO! So there will be a complete and simple lay out on the daily action that needs to be put into place for your results.
2. Mindset
Building the mental strength to work past the harder days. Coming into self love, rather than self hate. Working on that mental muscle for when you want to give up, or have slip ups. THIS is the a key component to the foundation of fitness results for life!
3. Happy Body
Creating a healthy, thriving environment is key to overall health & fitness results. How is your digestion working? Hormones functioning? Is your body in alignment with the action you are putting on it, or is it miserable in the process? A happy body is a fit body!
4. Life/Goals Balance
Sacrificing multiple areas in your life in order to be fit, is not success. Learn to work with your fitness goals & your life. Family and friends are big influences in our lives, we must learn to deal with the positive and negative aspects of that.

My Vision for you.....
You come out of this program after 8 weeks with a body you love!

You feel such peace and ease with your body & life. No more high anxiety about if you are doing enough, if it's working, if you'll ever have control over your body.

You're equipped with the tools and mental strength to not beat yourself up or feel weak for falling of track, having a negative thought about yourself or just one of those 'bad days'.

You'll know that life is not perfect, and you don't have to be either. But you'll have the knowledge and skills to make the right decisions for your goals and body, no matter what situation you are in.

You'll learn of the freeness from getting off the comparison train.

You'll have a beautiful relationship with food.

And most of all you'll know how to maintain your results with your busy life.
100% Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You have a full 30-day trial period to put The Sexy As F*ck Program to the test and prove it works for you! With the "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose! 

Are you ready to see what happens when you put a proven system to the test? You won't have to worry about gaining fat again. 

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Who The Heck Are We?

This Program Is Now Closed
Wish to be notified when registration opens?
Q: How does the online program work?
A: Once you have finalized your payment you will be led to a sign in page.
All of your content for the program is ready for you on our site. You will download all the PDF's, MP3's and watch the weekly coaching videos right on our site. You will also be receiving emails as the program progresses with tips, guidance and links to content to further enhance your results. 
Q:  What will be required of me?
A:  During the 8 Weeks you are encouraged to workout a minimum of 3-4 times a week, follow the nutritional guidelines and implement the recipes into your family and daily life. You should also be inclined to watch each weeks coaching video by Joe & Sara. All the tools and guidance are here for you, should you choose to engage in them.
Q: What if I have a rotating schedule?
A: Any fitness level & individual schedule can participate in this transformation. You can modify your program to work for your specific needs, even if you have prior injuries. Use the program to work for YOU!
Q:  I don't have a lot of weight to lose, can I still do the transformation?
A: Yes, you certainly can, you don’t have to have a lot to lose to participate in this program. Some only have their last 10 or 20 pounds to lose and just want the extra guidance.
Q:  What are the workouts like?
A: We focus on movement quality, strength and lots of activity with little rest. The workouts are structured to be metabolically stimulating for both males and females.
Q:  What if I have a social engagement or vacation planned during the program?
A: Life happens, we get it! Which is why we have laid out travel workouts and guidance on how to deal with social situations. If you want a certain body type then you need to deal with how life pops ups, and just make adjustments. It's possible for you to have the body of your dreams and still enjoy life..... just follow our guidelines. 
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