With a team of people who want what you want. No fad diets, no gimmicks! Just a simple PROVEN system that works.
($535 VALUE) 
10 Weeks For ONLY $149
There isn't some special SECRET to losing belly fat, BUT there is a system!
Muffin Top Meltdown - 10 Week Challenge has everything you need to be successful and accountable to your goals. Along with a community of like minded people all on the same journey as you!

This Transformational Challenge will help you…
  • Lose Fat
  • Minimize Your Waistline
  • Find A New Found Energy Level
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Cut Through All The B.S. Out There...... Just Do What Really Works!
Happy client results.....
Why This Program Will Work For You:
  • Every detail is covered for you in an easy to follow system
  • Full meal plans, no guess work; with simple and fast recipes
  • Full training program with exercises sets and reps
  • Progressive cardio schedule to keep your body responding
  • BEST OF ALL an online community for your support and daily motivation. You are NOT alone in this process and have accountability to your results
  • Journalling and tracking sheets to log your whole process, from the physical to the mental transformation


MTM Program Guide
($49 Value)

Full guideline of the program with 25 strategies for success over the next 10 weeks. Portion control customization for men and women, what is expected of you within the team forum (should you choose to participate), and so much more.

MTM Meal Plans & Recipes
($120 Value) 

Complete resource for everything you need to know about losing belly fat. 10 weeks of full meal plans (Mon-Sun). Along with delicious, fat burning recipes. What to eat, and what not to avoid, and finally I show you the habits you need to utilize to ensure you NEVER have a problem with fat gain again.

MTM Workouts
($99 Value)

Full workouts plus a cardio schedule. These fat burning and metabolism spiking workouts will be added advantage to getting you results. Melt the fat away while shaping and sculpting your body at the same time!

MTM Journal
($19 Value)

Journalling and tracking your journey is just as important as the results you'll achieve. You will be focusing on many positives in your life while recording daily focuses, wins and gratitudes!

*MTM Bonuses*
($49 Value)

Eating Out Guidelines - I understand that life and events pop up while we are achieving goals. Be fully prepared with this guideline.
Kitchen Staples - equip your pantry with these essentials for fat loss.
Assessment Tracker - without tracking progress, how do you know you are one the right track? Self evaluations are key to success, and I want to ensure you are well prepared!

MTM Facebook Forum &
Direct Access to me!
($199+ Value) 

Looking to connect with men and women who have been there and done that? Now is your chance with a lifetime membership to the Muffin Top Meltdown Membership Forum. Talk with like-minded men and women about anything inside this forum. Join a group, post your pictures, or come on in to get encouraged and motivated. I am also active daily for your support and post daily tips, inspiration and more recipes/workouts/success habits.

My coaching clients pay $199 per month to have access to me!

Valued at $535!!!
100% Money Back Guarantee


You have a full 30-day trial period to put The Muffin Top Meltdown Program to the test and prove it works for you! With the "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose! 
Are you ready to see what happens when you put a proven system to the test? You won't have to worry about gaining fat again. Click the button below and say YES! I WANT TO LOSE MY MUFFIN TOP
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($535 VALUE)     10 Weeks For ONLY $149
P.S: This is a digital product, you will not receive anything in the physical form. This is fantastic because there is no additional shipping fees!
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